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WoodFin is a young but dynamic organization specializing in the production and supply of plywood throughout Europe. Our story began with a deep experience in the construction industry, which inspired us to create quality materials that meet the highest standards.

Our products on the market are manufactured in large factories in Asia and Africa, using high quality local materials certified according to European standards. The quality of our products is strictly controlled at the factory laboratories to meet the highest requirements.

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The main characteristics of our product are its ability to retain its shape, resistance to moisture, durability and a 50% reduction in veneer moisture compared to analogs on the market. This makes our products reliable and of high quality.

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Applications across diverse
plywood industries

Reliable material for sheathing, subflooring, and forming concrete molds, among other applications.

Reusable formwork to create smooth and uniform surfaces for casting concrete blocks.

Packaging materials or crates to securely transport goods and protect them during shipping.

Create sturdy, custom-sized crates or boxes to safeguard fragile or valuable items during shipping.

Sheathing, enhancing structural integrity for finishes and insulation.

Plywood’s versatility and strength enhance furniture design, making it a staple in the industry.

Reliability and quality with inspiration

Our company is committed to providing products with outstanding consumer properties, which makes us not only a successful and prestigious company, but also a reliable partner on the road to overall success. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have no important and less important customers – all our customers are of equal importance to us.

Our philosophy is based on stability. We do not seek short-term gains, but create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with reliable partners. Our goal is to operate in the market for a long and stable time, maintaining long-term sustainability. 

Quality is of fundamental importance to us. We strive to build consumer confidence in our company as a supplier of products of the highest quality. We do not compromise in this matter and pay special attention to the quality of the goods we provide.

Size: 18mm×1250×2500 Glue: WBP
Film: BLACK Grammage: 120g/m2
Sr. No. Property Unit Test Method Value of Test Result
1. Moisture Content % EN 322 10% Check out
2. Density kg/cbm EN 323 530 Check out
Bonding Quality
Bonding quality
EN 314
Max: 1.27
Check out
Min: 0.60
Damage Rate % —— 60%
Bonding Modules of Elasticty
Check out
Lateral 5100
Bending Stength N/mm
Check out
Lateral 37
6. Cycle Life About 4-8 Repeated Using Times According Projects By Formwork Application